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Akg Acoustics Headphones & Headsets Reviews

Updated: 22-11-2017 05:00
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alaScore 96


The AKG N60NC Wireless offers a surprisingly competent combination of excellent sound quality and noise cancellation. The headphones are well designed and built, and are much better looking than their competitors. All while sitting at a much cheaper...

34 expert reviews | 199 user reviews

alaScore 93


Great wireless headphones for those who don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds.

7 expert reviews | 602 user reviews

alaScore 93


All told, while these aren’t entirely perfect, they are about as good as you can reasonably expect for £50. If that’s your limit (and particularly if you’re an iPhone user), you can buy with absolute confidence.

4 expert reviews | 145 user reviews

alaScore 92


Almost an excellent pair of headphones, but let down by a slightly unbalanced presentation

5 expert reviews | 10 user reviews

alaScore 92


They may not feel like a premium pair of cans, but the sound quality of the K92s more than make up for the plastic exterior.

4 expert reviews | 10 user reviews

alaScore 91


The demanding nature of these AKG earphones makes then a niche option, but the N40s sound awesome if you treat them right

9 expert reviews | 8 user reviews

alaScore 89


The headphones themselves are massive due to the huge 50mm drivers, despite this they aren't all that heavy! I found them light enough to be comfortable after extended listening sessions and the cups are so wide and the foam just firm/soft enough it...

113 user reviews

alaScore 89


The AKG N90Q are a ridiculously expensive set of over-ear headphones that do their absolute best to impress you, and succeed. But ultimately, even when considering the included accessories, the package just isn't worth the asking price.

9 expert reviews | 8 user reviews

alaScore 89


The level of build and audio quality the AKG Y50 deliver for their £80 asking price is astounding. Comprising metal, leather and glossy plastic in just the right amounts, it's the kind of construction many big-name competitors would charge twice as...

16 expert reviews | 1035 user reviews

alaScore 89


Mixing serious detail with sub-bass power, the AKG N20U are an unusual but interesting sonic combo.

2 expert reviews | 41 user reviews

alaScore 88


All in all, if you like your music clear and uncoloured, the AKG845BTs are well worth an audition.

14 expert reviews | 251 user reviews

alaScore 88


The AKG Y45 BT headphones are a great choice for portable Bluetooth listening, and perfect for commuters and those on the go. We marginally preferred the Sennheiser MM 400-X for the prizes of Best Portable Bluetooth Headphones but the AKGs are nearly...

10 expert reviews | 392 user reviews

alaScore 88


You only have to look to the Award-winning AKG Y50s to find a more comfortable fit and far more engaging, dynamic and stunningly subtle performance. Which makes the Y40s’ unbalanced presentation all the more puzzling. The punchy, agile rhythms are...

6 expert reviews | 140 user reviews

alaScore 87

AKG Q 701

A top-class newcomer from AKG that's been developed with music legend Quincy Jones and it shows

15 expert reviews | 1071 user reviews

alaScore 87

AKG K 451

If those don't quite suit your needs either, then be sure to check out our regularly-updated Best headphones list.

11 expert reviews | 1284 user reviews

alaScore 87


The AKG IP 2 Professional In-Ear Monitoring Earphones. High performance, full spectrum sound with total ambient isolation to block out stage noise.

3 expert reviews | 24 user reviews

alaScore 87

AKG K 495 NC

The AKG K495 NCs aren't as comfortable and don't sound quite as good as the Bose QC 15s, but they're built better, offer very good noise-cancellation, and recharge via USB.

22 expert reviews | 191 user reviews

alaScore 86


Got this as a "replacement" for my K501s, has that same-ish AKG sound to it, comfortable all day listening headphones. The earpads on these are superior to the old 501s, very big and comfortable. Bass is a subdued, but its there in a very refined...

18 user reviews

alaScore 86


Spent ages deciding what headphones to buy that kept coming back to these the colour pattern may not be okay for Sam but I thought it was great technically they are very good sound quality was excellent very impressed with how well they work on a plane...

410 user reviews

alaScore 86

AKG K 267 Tiësto

AKG credits producer, recording artist, and DJ Tiësto (Tijs Michiel Verwest) with the sound tuning of the headphones that bear his name, and that's cool, but I wouldn't blame you for thinking that's not necessarily a good thing. I haven't been swayed...

5 expert reviews | 49 user reviews

alaScore 86


The AKG Y20U budget in-ear headphones have a built-in remote and microphone. They come with three varieties of earbuds, so in theory should fit lugs of all sizes. Find out if these headphones are a good fit in our full review.

2 expert reviews | 40 user reviews

alaScore 85

AKG K 712 Pro

These are currently my favorite headphones. As soon As I got them, I feld in love with the balance, natural timber and overall smoothness. They have a somewhat similar timber with Sennheiser HD650 but with better soundstage, faster transients, better...

1 expert reviews | 151 user reviews

alaScore 85

AKG K 612 Pro

just got these an hour ago, and haven't been out of them since. life-changing. have been using (expensive) earbuds for a very long time, have always loved that immediacy. but i put these on and everything sounds great (break-in time? will get to that)....

58 user reviews

alaScore 85

AKG K 702

With a swanky headphone amp, these reference quality, open-backed headphones create a sound to rival hi-fi speakers ten times the price. Got more dosh? Try the supremely revealing Sennheiser HD 800s or breathtaking Grado GS1000is.

13 expert reviews | 647 user reviews

alaScore 85

AKG K 812

Top-end headphones invariably appear poor value next to other similarly priced hi-fi components. But for outright insight you’d have to spend thousands more on speakers before you get remotely close to the resolution and agility on offer here. That’s...

8 expert reviews | 5 user reviews


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